How to make a balloon cake topper

Using balloons as a decorative element on your party cake is becoming more and more a trend.

Who says a basic cake can’t be full of charm?

Some simple – and economical – tricks can turn homemade cakes into creative decorative pieces for the congratulation table.

The secret to preparing this type of cake topper is to inflate the balloons and then deflate them little by little until you have balloons in different shapes. The end result is a deconstructed, irregular and fun cake topper.

Balloon cake toppers can mix different shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

Explore the transparent versions filled with glitter or pieces of colored paper.

We are sure you will not regret it.

I leave you here with another excellent tutorial to learn how to place balloons on top of the cake and make them decoration elements of unparalleled beauty.

Hope you like it.


Claudia Pedreirinho

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