Children Birthday Table – What can’t realy be missing

What can’t really be missing….

When the little ones have a birthday, the mothers’ main concern is choosing the theme of the event, and secondly, knowing which edible elements they should use to decorate the cake table.

Why this particular table, you ask?

Because this is the table that all guests will set their eyes on as soon as they arrive at the event.

So that nothing fails in this important detail of the event, it is more and more common for parents to delegate the creation and decoration of this table to an experienced event decorator who will make the result of the decoration absolutely wonderful and unforgettable for all their guests.

More and more people are looking for personalized parties, but with a pre-defined theme. Themes from Disney, princesses, forest animals, football, among others are themes that never go out of style, and that continue to form an integral part of the themes chosen by mothers for the little ones’ parties.

Therefore, it is usual to use decorative elements from the theme of the event, as well as to choose a color palette that is also part of the color palette referring to the theme of the event.

But as parents and even some event decorators, there are great doubts regarding what should or should not be present in the decoration of the main table of the event.

In our decorations there are some elements that cannot be missing at all so that the decoration becomes harmonious and an integral part of the outcome of the event.

Among them are the decorative elements of the table and some small “big” details that will make all the difference in your party table.

In terms of cake design and sweets, our tables cannot be missing some elements that will make all the difference in the result of our work, which is why these details are something that we do not give up in the organization and preparation of our event.

Therefore, on our tables you will always find elements such as:

  • Personalized birthday cake
  • Customized cookies
  • Customized cakesicles or cakepops
  • Customized cupcakes
  • Brigadiers

Pay attention to the choice of flavor of the brigadeiro. For this to be an integral part of our work, it is important that it picks up the tone of the color palette chosen for the decoration.

  • Spoon candy

Pay attention to the choice of sweets for the table. For them to be an integral part of our work, it is important that they match the tone of the color palette chosen for the decoration.

  • Personalized popcorn bags
  • Gum skewers

For these sweets to shine, however, it will also be essential to choose which decorative elements will be present on the main table. Elements such as cake stands, platters, vases with floral arrangements, graphic elements and eventually even some small notes of details belonging to elements of the theme, are an integral part of a thematic decoration, and increasingly the cake tables at children’s parties are true masterpieces of art that make every little detail of the event shine.

And so on, what else do you think should not be missing from your cake table?

Leave in our comments that item that is never missing on your tables.

Happy Holidays,


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