Bridal Bouquet Launch

3 Ideas to throw the bridal bouquet in a fun way
There are lots of ways to make your wedding unique and unforgettable. Every detail counts, right? One of the most special moments of the ceremony, and the one most looked forward to by the bachelors in the party, is the moment of throwing the bouquet. Tradition has it that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married. But how about complicating the branch discovery a little to make it more fun and exciting for the candidates to catch the much desired branch.
1. Branch Hunting:
Do you know the treasure hunt game? The idea is to put the branch in a box that is closed with a padlock. Then just hide the box in the place you want! And of course, the harder, the better…! Next you have to make clues that will lead your guests to the place where the box is hidden. For example, the first clue might be at the place of the table where the guests will sit. They get the clue that leads them to another place on the farm that they have to find, to look for the next clue, and so on. To make the game more fun and so that you don’t run the risk of the guests all arriving at the same clues at the same time, you can create different clues for different locations. The first guest to finish the game, that is, to follow all the clues until she gets to the key and opens the box, wins the branch!
2. The master key:
Similar to the previous idea, you will have to place the branch in a box closed with a padlock. The difference will be that instead of having one key, there will be several hidden keys, but only one will be the master key.
In this game, there are several clues in a locked box. In turn, each guest puts her hand inside the box and takes out a clue. This clue will lead the guest to a key. Once all the guests have removed their clues and found their keys, they will try their key in the lock and wish for luck to be on their side. The guest who has the master key gets the bouquet!
3. Who knows more?
Another fun way to assign your bouquet, consists of a game where you will test the guests’ level of knowledge about you and your fiancé. And of course, it’s also a creative way to find out what your friends know about your personalities. It’s simple: the guests will stand in a line, next to each other, about 20 feet away from you. In turn, you will ask each guest a question about yourself and/or your fiancé. If she gets it right, she takes a step forward, if she gets it wrong, she stays in the same place. The first guest to get close to the bride and groom wins the bouquet. Use your imagination and make the moment of throwing the bouquet one of the most fun moments of the ceremony. We are sure you won’t regret it.