Bride Kit

Bride’s Kit
You can never have too much, and preparing the bride’s kit with all her personal belongings will surely be a great comfort to the bride who will feel a great comfort in the intensity inherent to the stress of the big day. Therefore, we advise the bride to prepare a bag with her personal products that she may need during the big day.
This kit should be given to someone the bride trusts completely, and who is always attentive and available to help the bride in case of need.
Whatever you put in your Bridal Kit:
– Your perfume – Necessaire Toothbrush, floss, nail polish, lipstick, powder, hand cream, etc….. – Extra Underwear – Sewing kit for small repairs – First Aid kit – Headache pills – Comfortable shoes – Make-up Combine with your make up, the way to retouch your make up – Tissues A very emotional day awaits you – Stain remover – If you wear contact lenses
Take more to replace throughout the day – Eye spray (drops) – Glue everything, tape
Imagine what parts a jump …. These accessories will be very useful to you
Don’t forget to prepare your bridal kit.
What else did you put in your bridal kit?