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  • 7 advantages of opting for a mini wedding

    Increasingly a trend, mini weddings are gaining ground and conquering a large number of fans.

    These ceremonies are more intimate, which not only makes their organization easier, but also makes the costs inherent in organizing the ceremony lower.

    Let’s see some of the advantages of opting for a mini wedding when choosing your wedding model.


    1. Live in the moment with those who really matter

    Wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. Are you sure you want to spend it with people you don’t really care about? A Mini-Wedding gives you the possibility to feel the emotions of your guests, making them feel more involved in the celebration. There is also less formality, which allows for more intimate and emotional moments.

    1. Save money

    A small wedding is much cheaper than a wedding with 200 guests.

    1. Surprise your guests even more

    As the budget is smaller, there is more room to surprise your guests.

    What matters is to bear in mind that you will have more time and resources to invest in a truly remarkable and unforgettable wedding for all your participants.

    1. Bet on the honeymoon

    A small wedding… A big honeymoon!

    If that’s what you’ve always wanted, why not? A simpler celebration will pave the way for you to spend very special and memorable moments with your husband!

    1. Destination Wedding

    Have you always dreamed of getting married outside of Portugal? Regardless of the destination, if you opt for a Destination Wedding you have to cut back on the number of guests.

    Don’t forget that it’s your day and that you should live it as you’ve always dreamed of.

    1. Simpler planning

    It is much simpler to organize a small wedding. Not only will fewer people mean less work, but getting the perfect space will be much easier.

    1. Truly engage guests

    Whether in the preparation or in the ceremony itself, with fewer guests it is possible to involve them more in the entire ceremony and process of your wedding.

    Make the people you care about feel an integral part of this day and happiness will be a shared feeling. In addition to being happy for the couple’s union, the guests will feel that the wedding would not be so special without their presence.

    It’s time to start planning your big day. In order to go through the whole process without a lot of accumulated stress and worries, we also advise you to choose to hire a wedding planner to help throughout the process.

    This way you can enjoy the day to the full without worries and last minute setbacks.

    Good preparations,



    Uma das bebidas mais comuns na hora de organizar uma festa é a famosa Pink Lemonade. 

    Esta bebida mais não é do que uma limonada rosa muito comum lá nos Estados Unidos.

    Para além de linda, esta bebida é ainda deliciosa, pois tem um sabor maravilhoso que vem da groselha. 

    Estas são características que fazem com que esta seja uma bebida de presença obrigatória nas festas de aniversário.  Como não é alcoólica e tem um sabor maravilhoso,  esta pink lemonade é um dos drinks preferidos para os convidados que não gostam de bebida alcoólicas.

    E você sabe como fazer esta bebida deliciosa? 


    • 1 xícara de suco de LIMÃO SICILIANO (aproximadamente 2 1/2 limões)
    • 2 xícaras de ÁGUA
    • 1 xícara de SUCO DE GROSELHA
    • 1/4 de xícara de AÇÚCAR REFINADO
    • GELO
    • CEREJAS para decorarMODO DE PREPARO
    1. Junte todos os ingredientes num pote de vidro com tampa e chacoalhe bem.
    2. Sirva em copos com uma cerejinha e bastante gelo.
    3. Para decorar, corte uma fatia de limão. Tim tim!

    DURAÇÃO: consumo imediato

    Boas bebidas, 


  • 30 essential songs at your wedding

    One of the essential factors for enlivening any wedding is choosing the right music for each moment of the ceremony.

    After choosing the music for the wedding ceremony, it’s time to choose the playlist to liven up your wedding reception party.

    For each moment of the ceremony, it is essential that you choose songs that are special to you, but for your wedding reception playlist, there are some songs that, despite the times, are timeless and are always perfect in celebrating a wedding.

    We have selected some of the songs, which we are sure cannot be missing from your wedding reception celebration.

    I hope you like it.

    • 1. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars
    • 2. Don’t stop ‘till you get enough – Michael Jackson
    • 3. I wanna dance with somebody (Who loves me) – Whitney Houston
    • 4. Hey Ya – Outcast
    • 5. Respect – Aretha Franklin
    • 6. I gotta feeling – black eyed peas
    • 7. Happy – Pharrell Williams
    • 8. I’m a Believer – The monkees
    • 9. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke
    • 10. You sexy thing – Hot chocolate
    • 11. Crazy in Love – Beyoncé
    • 12. Uptown girl – Billy Joel
    • 13. Dancing Queen – ABBA
    • 14. Let’s Dance – David Bowie
    • 15. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys
    • 16. Happy together – The turtles
    • 17. Twist and shout – The Beatles
    • 18. Mambo No. 5 – Lou Bega
    • 19. Oh, Pretty woman – Roy Orbison
    • 20. Crazy Little thing called love – The Queen
    • 21. Stuck on you – Meiko
    • 22. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    • 23. Cinderela – Carlos Paião
    • 24. A sky full of stars – Coldplay
    • 25. Ça plane pour moi – Nouvelle Vague
    • 26. Seja Agora – Deolinda
    • 27. In the Sun – She & Him
    • 28. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
    • 29. Celebration – Kool & the gang
    • 30. I Got You (I feel good) – James Brown

  • Cake size

    One of the main questions when planning your party is the size of the cake. The cake is the main element of the party, therefore it is convenient not only to choose a beautiful decoration in which it will be inserted, but also to choose an excellent professional who will make a delicious cake. Don’t forget that cake design sells too.

    It is essential that all guests taste the birthday cake, so here are some tips so that your guests never run out of cake. I hope they are useful to you.

    Two key points to get the cake size right

    – How many guests will the event have?

    – And what kind of event is it?

    Types of shape to use:

    Round shape, the traditional one we have at home

    15 cm = 12 slices
    20 cm = 24 slices
    25 cm = 38 slices
    30 cm = 56 slices
    35 cm = 78 slices
    40 cm = 100 slices

    Square shape to make your cake beautiful

    15 cm = 18 slices
    20 cm = 32 slices
    25 cm = 50 slices
    30 cm = 72 slices
    35 cm = 98 slices
    40 cm = 128 slices
    45 cm = 162 slices

    Rectangular shape that has no mistake

    35 cm x 25 cm = 48 slices
    40 cm x 30 cm = 65 slices
    45 cm x 30 cm = 74 slices
    50 cm x 40 cm = 110 slices
    55 cm x 45 cm = 136 slices

    Sweet Kisses,


  • What bridesmaids should or shouldn’t pay

    As a general rule, bridesmaid guests are intimate people who are very trusted by the bride, however it is not always easy to explain to the bridesmaids that their choice for the role of bridesmaid implies not only great emotional support throughout the ceremony planning process, but also some monetary costs.

    The best way to tell the bridesmaids what costs they will incur throughout the process is to get them together and analyze their needs together, so that everything runs smoothly on the big day. All together, they will understand your needs and desires so that they feel 100% involved not only in the wedding day but also in all its preparations.

    Expenses borne by bridesmaids

    • Bachelorette

    Tradition dictates that the bridesmaids pay for the bride’s bachelorette party, sharing the expenses between all of them. On this day, the bride’s obligation is just to have fun and enjoy every moment of her bachelorette party.

    • Bridesmaids dresses

    While Bridesmaids may have certain requirements regarding dresses (short or long), these are usually paid for themselves, unless the bride insists.

    Expenses borne by the bride, but referring to the Bridesmaids

    • Hair and Makeup

    Hair and make-up must be paid for by the bride, especially if she insists that they are all the same to create a certain harmony.

    • Accommodation

    If it is necessary to accommodate the Bridesmaids, or even the other guests, this expense will be borne by the bride and groom.


    If the Bridesmaids have to take a bouquet the same as the bride’s, but in a smaller size, the bride must pay for it.

  • Trends for weddings 2021

    Now that weddings and baptisms, albeit smaller ones, have started to be released, it’s time to start preparing for the big day.

    It is therefore time to start looking at the trends to make the big day unforgettable and unique.

    Below is a video with the main trends of the year for the big day.

    Hope you like it,

    Sweet Kisses,