Dia dos Namorados

  • How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

    Celebrating Valentine’s Day at a time when the recommendation of health authorities is to avoid leaving home can seem discouraging.

    But this date doesn’t need to go blank or lose its grace (and characteristic charm). Just get creative and look for alternative ways to celebrate love safely at home. We leave some suggestions.

    1. Breakfast in bed

    To show your love on this very special day, there’s nothing like starting the day off right and bringing breakfast to your loved one’s bed.

    1. Create a playlist on Spotify

    Whether dancing together or just livening up your romantic dinner, music is always a good idea. How about creating a playlist on Spotify with songs that you identify with?

    1. Watch a movie

    A movie session remains one of the most romantic programs, even if it’s at home.

    Recreating the experience at home doesn’t take much effort. The first step is to choose the movie. Netflix, HBO, TvCine – you have no shortage of options. To make the moment even more romantic, choose a remarkable movie in your history to review together. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn.

    1. Have a romantic dinner

    Another idea to take advantage of the occasion is to have a romantic dinner. Try doing it as a couple – it’s much more fun.

    1. Make a statement circuit around the house

    If you want to impress, take advantage of a moment when you are alone to spread romantic notes and pictures of you around the house, by candlelight.

    Another suggestion is to cut newspaper or magazine sheets into heart shapes and play with assemblies around the walls of the house. Using lipstick to write on mirrors is also a good tip.

    1. DIY – a gift made by you

    A card or gift made by you has an unforgettable value. Search Pinterest and get inspired by some of the ideas.

    1. Relax night

    Going to the SPA has become a challenge during the pandemic, but a good idea is to prepare a relaxation session at home. A glass of wine and ambient music create the perfect moment for a bath with bath salts and rose petals.

    I hope these suggestions are to your liking,

    Happy Valentine’s Day