Ceremony Entrance

Details for the ceremony
It is the bride who marks the beginning and the end of the ceremony! Nerves aside, the big moment has arrived. Make the best of it.
Way to the altar
Take advantage of the ” Spotlight” moment and walk slowly towards the altar showing off your dress, bouquet, hairstyle and make up. For this moment, choose a song of your choice.
When you get to the altar, keep eye contact with your better half, enjoy their puffed-up looks upon seeing you, and enjoy. Today is your day!
Savor the moment and the whole ceremony in the best possible way.
Smile Never forget that your smile is your “best look”. Your smile and happiness will allow you to shine throughout the ceremony.
If you opt for a religious ceremony, try to also pay attention to the priest’s words so that you don’t get lost in the chronology of the moments and the message. If on the contrary it is a fictitious ceremony, allow it to be personalized and let yourselves be involved in the moment.
Your better half
Your partner is more or less nervous than you are?make the most of the day to support each other and develop your degree of complicity! Be accomplices
The impact has passed! If the nerves persist, breathe …. Enjoy the moment, walk slowly and squeeze your husband’s / wife’s hand tightly. It is a moment of celebration, it is a moment for an important photographic record, it is your first photos with the rings and contact with family and friends as officially married
And you, very much looking forward to this moment in the ceremony of your big day?