Decoration ceremony candles

Decoration ceremony with candles 

Candles are often used in the decoration of wedding ceremonies both civil and religious. These can be used not only in the decoration of the church, but also in the decoration of the reception party. Candles transmit calm, peace, tranquility, intimacy and that “home” feeling, creating a magical environment full of light and lots of romanticism. These also provide an ideal amber light, not only for the decoration of the ceremony but also of the reception.

 Because of the great versatility of candles, they can be placed in decorative vases, recycled bottles, cages, glass balloons, centerpieces, and many more ways to decorate the space and the environment. In a place of great prominence in the decoration, or just in small corners, such as the candy bar, the corner created for the photocall, etc. ….. these can also be used to illuminate the entrance ways of the bride and groom and the space of the ceremony, ponds and much more. One of the most used ways in wedding party decoration by event planners is the use of candles of different sizes, inside a mix of glass and crystal, silver or gold candlesticks, according to their involvement in the event’s decoration. These little notes will create in your party a very cozy, romantic and engaging setting for all the participants in the ceremony. Many couples also opt to choose candles for the souvenirs they will then give to their guests at the end of the ceremony. But despite being magical and very versatile, they must be used with all the care inherent to the danger they could also represent in case of an accident with them. This is why they must be used with great care and above all with great responsibility.  Nowadays it is also already very common to use led candles. These are already completely safe, and will therefore be an excellent alternative to the use of traditional candles.   
And your decoration, will it have candles?