Bridal Cake – Traditions associated with the Bridal Cake

There are several traditions associated with the wedding cake. Are you thinking of fulfilling any of them?

I leave here a small guide so that you can choose the ones that suit you best and follow them exactly in your ceremony.
1 – Cutting the Cake
In the old days, it was common for the bride to cut the cake alone – hence the name “bride’s cake” – however, as they started to get bigger and more difficult to be cut by just one person, it became the two grooms to perform this task. task, in an act of complicity, love and help.

Generally, the cutting of the cake is also the last big event of the night, giving guests the chance to leave without being impolite.
2 - Bride and groom exchange cake with each other
The immaculate white icing was a symbol of status and wealth in ancient Victorian society, which is why it is very common to see simple wedding cakes with this traditional icing.

The moment following the courtship is when the bride and groom give each other a piece of cake, in a show of love and affection.
3 - Store the top layer of the cake
It is tradition for the bride and groom to keep the top layer and even the top of the wedding cake to freeze and eat on their first wedding anniversary. Sharing this layer or just a small piece is a very special memory of the beautiful day you shared.
4 . Include lucky charms
This is a tradition that is gradually being lost.

The wedding cake is more and more a decorative figure and for those who like to stick to tradition, you can include some lucky charms inside the cake.

Hearts for true love, shamrocks or horseshoes, wishing wells, bells, are just a few ideas of what you can put inside an original wedding cake to make it even more unique
5. Multicultural cakes
A trend that is gaining more and more followers, although it does not fit into the category of traditional cakes.

If you want to escape the norm a bit, you can opt for typical pastries from other cultures, such as the French croquembouche tower or the famous American cake with profiteroles or cupcakes... all absolutely delicious!
Have you already chosen which traditions associated with the wedding cake you are going to observe on your big day? associated with the Bridal Cake

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