Bride’s Checklist for the Wedding Morning

The morning of your big day must be special and for that you must live it in style and only with those you love most and who make you truly happy.
That’s your day, so make the most of it and be happy.

1 – Talk to your love, call or send an SMS

2 – Hang up the dress

3 – Put all the accessories together: jewelry, perfume, etc…

4 – Take a few minutes for yourself.
Meditate, do breathing techniques or simply calm down to relieve stress

5 – Live in the present and enjoy every moment

6 – Prepare a good breakfast

7 – Delegate tasks

8 – Do not change details of the ceremony at the last moment.

Everything was chosen with a lot of love. Trust that everything will go well,

9 – Prepare a peaceful environment full of good energy.

Choose to prepare for the big day in an environment with natural light and ambient music

10 – Invite only people who make you happy to your preparation

11 – Enjoy every moment of the big day.

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