Ceremony of the Sands

Do you know the meaning of the Sand Ceremony?

The empty container means the couple’s life after marriage, which has not yet begun to be filled with moments.

The sands, with the chosen colors, represent the couple and everything they carry with them.

The joint pouring of sand into the vase signals the surrender to marriage.
In the end, the mixed sand is inseparable, as is the couple’s relationship.
In fact, the bride and groom can give whatever meaning they want to the sand and its colors.
The couple takes the sand container home as a memory of this unique moment and their union!
It’s a very romantic ritual and often used in beach weddings!

What is the meaning of the colors used in the sand ceremony by the bride and groom?

Black – mystery and fantasy, associated with sophistication and luxury.
White – peace, calm, purity.
Red – passion and feeling.
Green – vigor, youth, freshness, hope and calm.
Yellow – heat, light, prosperity.
Blue – loyalty, fidelity and subtlety.
Brown – maturity, conscience and responsibility.
Lilac – spirituality and intuition.
Pink – beauty, health, sensuality and romanticism.

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