Civil marriage

How to start the process

With the current situation we are in and taking into account the guidelines of the DGS, there are still some restrictions on public service at the conservatory.
We suggest, therefore, that you choose to start the process online through the following link
You can also count on telephone support on 211 950 500 and email [email protected].
Start the process:

The couple must indicate the type of marriage (civil, Catholic or civil in the religious form) the place where they want to get married (see public places where you can have a civil marriage) property regime the day and time of the wedding, which must be agreed with the conservator.
The couple can also choose the law applicable to the matrimonial property regime (for more information, contact the civil registry office).

Required documentation:.

The bride and groom’s identification documents are required (in the case of foreigners, residence permit, passport or equivalent document, waived if represented by a proxy) and the certificate of the deed of the prenuptial agreement, if it has not been drawn up in the civil registry office. . If it is declared that the agreement was made at the civil registry office, the database is consulted to prove this.
If the bride and groom are represented by a proxy, a power of attorney with special powers will be required.
The power of attorney can be issued by: authenticated public document (power of attorney in a notary or Portuguese consulate) document signed by the principal with face-to-face recognition of the signature.
The power of attorney must identify the future spouse and indicate the property regime and the type of marriage chosen (civil, Catholic or civil in religious form), as well as the respective location. It will also be necessary to indicate the day and time of marriage, which they intend and which must be agreed with the conservator. The bride and groom are informed when the marriage is refused if the marriage is authorized, the couple has up to 6 months to get married. If the application is refused, the couple is notified, either in person or by registered letter, at the end of the process. They can also appeal the decision. Between the time of submission of the application and the date of marriage, the reasons that may prevent it may be presented to the civil registry.
These reasons can be given by anyone.

Authentication with Citizen Card
The digital certificate is an electronic document that links the signature verification data to its holder and confirms the identity of that holder.
To be qualified, the digital certificate must be issued by an accredited certification body. This type of certificate, when used to sign an electronic document, is equivalent, for legal purposes, to a handwritten signature.

How much does it cost?
The process and registration of marriage in Portugal costs 120 euros.
However, there are some exceptions that you should be aware of.
For example, if you want to get married over the weekend or a public holiday, or if you want to get a prenuptial agreement, there will be other additional costs.

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