Intimate Wedding in the Garden

With the pandemic we’ve been living in in recent years, weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate.

One of the types of weddings that we have witnessed a great growth in the last year are the so-called intimate weddings. Often these are small weddings held in small gardens and with just a few guests closest to the couple.

In this type of ceremony, the bride and groom tend to choose a more relaxed type of decoration, and bet on small details that make the ceremony environment a very welcoming and magical one.

One of the most popular elements for decorating this type of ceremony is tents. These are luxurious decorative elements that help protect the bride and groom and their guests.
during the ceremony in case there is any unexpected period of rain during the

The relationship between romanticism and nature is indisputable, and for intimate wedding decorators in outdoor spaces, the search for a beautiful and special tree that serves as an element
central in the decoration of the entire event is increasingly a decisive factor when planning the decoration of the event.
In some cases, these trees are used in their natural state and without resorting to
decorations, but often the decorations of trees and other elements of nature are not suitable for this type of ceremony, using decorations of their elements with flowers around the trunks and small points of light for parties that will last until later.

The combination of these decorative elements makes the decorations in nature super welcoming and their environment breathes romanticism and love, with a perfect combination between the decoration and the romantic atmosphere of the ceremony.

The entire ceremony can be held in the garden. From the decoration of the altar to the decoration of the wedding reception, all the decorative elements can be used in the decoration of the event in order to create an intimate and romantic decoration that makes the ceremony of the big day even more special for the bride and groom and their guests. These ceremonies are often held in the personal gardens of the family or close friends of the family, but there are, however, intimate outdoor spaces that can be rented and decorated for this purpose.

If you need help planning your ceremony, don’t hesitate to contact a
professional wedding planner for organizing and decorating the entire event.
In this way, you can enjoy your big day without stress and enjoying every moment of the ceremony and the day, as if it were unique and truly magical.
Don’t forget, your big day goes by in an instant, make the most of it.

And you, have you decided where you are going to hold your wedding ceremony?
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