The importance of a celebrant in your wedding ceremony?

We are often asked if we recommend hiring a celebrant for your wedding ceremony. Now, although this is a very personal opinion, and in our opinion this is a hire that will make all the difference when you say yes, we will leave you here with some of the advantages that in our opinion will come from hiring this professional for your ceremony.

What are the advantages of having a celebrant?

– A celebration personalized to the couple’s tastes

These are unique celebrations that are completely personalized to the taste of each couple.

Although the celebrant follows a pre-defined script, this celebration is completely adapted to the wedding couple, so that their ceremony is as personal and emotional as possible not only for the bride and groom but also their guests.

This way, the moment of yes will become a magical moment not only for the bride and groom, but also for their guests as a unique and very special moment.

– A celebrant tells a little about the couple’s story at their ceremony

Having a celebrant means having a true confidant throughout the preparation period for the big day. This way, at the time of saying yes, the bride and groom are assured that the big moment will be full of magic, emotion and lots of love.

It is also the celebrant who will support the bride and groom in preparing their vows and promises that the two will exchange during the ceremony. This continuous monitoring of the bride and groom will allow the celebrant to have the necessary intimacy and empathy with the bride and groom so that their ceremony is unique and unforgettable for everyone present at the event.

With this information, why not choose to hire a professional who can make the moment of yes, a moment full of magic and filled with tears of joy not only for the bride and groom but also for their guests?

We are all for hiring a celebrant for your big day. However, do not forget that the ceremony celebrated by the celebrant is only symbolic. If you actually intend to marry your better half, you will have to carry out the official ceremony at a registry office, so that the marriage is valid in the eyes of Portuguese law.

Who out there hired a celebrant for their big day?

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Big kisses,

Claudia Geraldes

Wedding design, Coordinator & Event Planner