Theme vs Concept

Organizing a wedding can seem and be very complicated, involving an endless list of details and making difficult decisions.

Choosing a theme for the event (which can be something as simple as a color you like or a simple song that is an important symbol for the couple) can be a very useful tool in this task.

This simple choice of theme will not only make it easier to organize the ceremony, but is also essential for a more careful organization of the decorations for the event.

A love story is characterized by various symbols that represent enormous sentimental value for the couple living it: a song, a city, a moment or a simple object that conveys all the essence for the bride and groom – these factors can definitely be a good starting point when you start organizing and designing your dream wedding.

There is, however, a difference between choosing a theme and choosing a concept for your big day.

When you choose a Theme for the event, you’re choosing the theme you’re going to use for the whole event. On the other hand, if you choose just one concept for the ceremony, you’ll just be choosing a central idea for the event, but nothing very concrete.

As a bride, what was your choice in this field? The choice of a theme or just the security of base lines provided by the choice of a concept for the big day?

Tell us in the comments what you’ve chosen to help you organize your big day.

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