Traditions for the bride and groom’s departure

When the bride and groom leave, there are some traditions that are already well established.
and which are religiously observed by family and friends who wait for the
newly married couple after the ceremony.

One of the oldest traditions is the rice or petal ceremony.
laid to the bride and groom. In the case of rice, this tradition symbolizes fertility and
prosperity for the newly married couple. If you choose to choose petals from
flowers, fresh or dried, these will undoubtedly be essential to create a
romantic and beautiful look when leaving the ceremony.

Many bride and groom still choose to mix both elements, and when leaving
of the event, are bathed with a rain of rice and petals that will bless
the newlyweds.

Lavender or Aromatic Herbs are also one of the choices of
some bride and groom leaving the event. These can be placed individually,
or mixed with flower petals and will create a very pleasant aroma in the
air at the couple’s exit.

In turn, at autumn weddings, couples who
they decide to go out under a rain of dry seasonal leaves.
Their effect when launched will create a very colorful and
great involvement with the environment of the station in which the couple chose to get married.

Often, bride and groom start opting for colorful confetti
instead of the traditional flowers and rice. These are also colorful, and will
make the bride and groom’s exit environment very pleasant.

In more recent times, there are also many newlyweds who choose to leave the
ceremony under a shower of soap bubbles. Its effect
magical and ethereal is, in the eyes of many couples, a truly

Another option for the bride and groom to leave is for them to leave under a
balloon release.

Despite being widely used in previous times, this choice is less and less
sought so that in this way the environment can be saved, for which
Balloons are usually a form of contamination. If you opt for this
solution, we advise you to choose biodegradable balloons without
any type of polluting materials, such as LEDs, or other
electronic elements that may pose a danger to the environment.

Also very popular for the bride and groom to leave the ceremony and is the
wands of happiness ceremony. This ceremony does not cause
any risk to the environment and consists of throwing colored ribbons into the air.
Its colorful and wind-driven effect can create a unique and
festive that many brides and grooms love.

We cannot say that there are no other options, however, as these are
in fact countless. Some couples also choose a pigeon release during
the moment of leaving the ceremony, or many other options. It remains for each couple
see which tradition they most identify with, and with which they want to start
new stage of your married life. the hypotheses are countless. Let there be imagination
on the part of the bride and groom and everything can be done to make this moment even more

So, what tradition did you choose for leaving the ceremony?

Leave us the information in our comments and help other brides and grooms to
prepare your big moment with your suggestions.

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& Event Planner