Everything you need to know to make a truly unforgettable fall wedding

With the new times we live in, we have witnessed a growing trend of weddings in the fall season.

This is a time of great beauty and magic to celebrate the big day, and is therefore the stage for truly magical and unforgettable ceremonies.

I leave some tips that I think will be of great help in choosing this time of year for your ceremony.

Now look:

Choice of color palette

When we think of autumn, the use of earthy tones and even moss green naturally comes to mind.

In autumn we started using palettes of warmer tones, earth tones that provide more welcome and coziness.

autumn flowers

Due to the slightly colder climate, in autumn and winter, there are numerous flowers that are not available. But even so, it will not be possible to realize true works of floral art.

As an alternative to the colorful summer flowers, at this time it becomes possible to use different elements such as dry branches, tree trunks and dry leaves.

Its use can be made both in the floral arrangements of the decoration of the ceremony, and they can also be used in details of the bride’s bouquet.

In addition to branches and dry leaves, this autumn season, it is also possible to use fruits in the decoration.

As a general rule, autumn brides have a more rustic style, but nothing prevents this same season from having a party in a very classic style and with the same theme.

The important thing for everything to work in harmony is that the furniture chosen for the ceremony also follows the party style chosen for the date of the event.


Have you thought about the lighting style you want to give to your party?

For many floral designers, a good idea to light up your event is to use amber in the decor. This is a tone reminiscent of fire gold, and therefore the ideal choice to be used at this time of year.

bride’s bouquet

The bouquet is another element of the iconic elements for those who want to have a dream wedding this autumn season.

Items such as cotton flower and dry twigs can also be used here. “The cotton flower is very beautiful, but as long as the proposal is rustic”.

Now the question remains: should the color palette of the bouquet follow the same as the decor?

Despite this being the trend we are witnessing, this is not a mandatory factor. It is perfectly possible to choose other decorative elements for the bouquet, because in reality the bride is not part of the decoration, but its star.

autumn wedding stationery

The invitation is the guests’ first impression of the wedding, but it is also accompanied by other elements such as menus, tags, etc.

color palettes

The ideal thing is for couples to think of a color composition following the flowers that are most characteristic of autumn. “

That is, to create a visual identity that converses with the decoration used at the event, that brings the warmth of autumn.

Betting on warm and strong colors is a great idea. Yellow, orange, gold, red, brown, copper or earthy tones are a sure bet in the decoration of your wedding ceremony in the autumn season.

For the green ones, we can think of flag green, bottle green or forest green. And if you like blue, go for dark tones.”

Materials and finishes for stationery

For an autumn wedding, more rustic papers, such as kraft, are always an excellent bet.

For the finishes, choose to use more natural looking finishes that look great! Like ramie or jute yarn. If, in turn, the bride and groom prefer a colorful detail, they can also opt for a bow made with cord in one of the colors of the season.

beauty of the bride

With the fresh autumn weather, earthy tones for the bride’s makeup are also a trend.

Allied to this trend, we also see the preference of brides for hairstyles with loose hair and not tied up like in the summer.


See what to use in each of the makeup elements:


For autumn weddings, the use of metallic eyeshadows that tend towards copper, gold, a warmer and stronger rose tone, burgundy, are ideal.


As for the lipstick, if the bride likes strong tones, she could use a darker lipstick, like a burgundy or a more burnt pink tone.


In the case of blush, after the tan tones in the summer, autumn calls for more rosy tones that tend towards red.

“Earthy tones combine more with summer, as they give that tanned look. For an autumn wedding, you can use slightly stronger shades of pink.


As autumn is already much drier, don’t forget that you need to moisturize your skin a little more.


You can also enjoy the autumn palette in your hands.

“When we think of autumn it is always shades of burgundy, brown, orange. This for the nail also I think is very beautiful.

A slightly pinker and warmer nude, a lighter orange, more burnt pink.


And how does the bride’s hair look in this story?

Since the climate is a little colder and drier, it is usual to choose a looser hairstyle, and one that escapes the traditional hairstyles of the summer season.

Many brides like to wear their hair loose, but in the summer and because of the heat, few brides opt for this type of hairstyle. for a hairstyle with loose hair, a half braid or a twisted half updo.

To finish the hairstyle, how about betting on natural flowers?

Unlike summer, when natural flowers die easily, in autumn these are an excellent choice as the dry and cold climate of the season is an essential factor for the flowers to last longer.

If this is your choice, we advise you to opt for more closed tones, such as burgundy, marsala, etc.

bride dress

We know that the wedding dress is a very personal and important element for the bride – she needs to have that “click” to feel that she has made the right choice. For this reason, the most important thing when choosing a dress is that the bride likes the model and feels perfect in the choice she makes.

However, and for autumn brides, it is possible to take advantage of the season’s characteristics to choose the ideal model.

Autumn dress patterns

At this time, brides can already dare in the different options of wedding dress with sleeves without worrying about the heat, and brides who prefer a more open neckline, straps and short sleeves, do not need to be so afraid of getting cold. There is always the option of choosing a winter piece for the evening – especially if the wedding is outdoors and in the late afternoon.

Despite the old story that brides don’t feel cold, I also suggest that, as brides, they also choose to have a special piece that serves as a coat in case the day is colder than expected. A small short jacket will certainly be an excellent complement to your wedding dress, and will not let you get cold during the ceremony and reception.

A long-sleeved dress in autumn and winter is also a small detail that makes the bride more elegant and is in true harmony with the time of year.

As autumn brides, the trend we are witnessing is the choice of more sober dresses, designed with purer and even more practical lines. However, the most important thing is actually being the bride’s dream dress.


White is the traditional color of the bride, according to our culture.

But is it possible to innovate in this aspect?

Choosing a darker off-white dress with a more vintage feature gives the bride a more sober look, which sometimes refers to that autumn connotation, as it has more yellowish and earthy colors.

Why not risk innovating a little when choosing the color of the dress?

bridesmaid dresses

The color of the bridesmaid dress models will always depend on the wedding style chosen by the bride and groom. However, we suggest choosing metallic and more earthy tones, such as orange, nude and even beige.

These tones are great options for the bridesmaids’ outfit. These are tones that are in clear harmony with the colors of the season and are therefore excellent options.

Autumn outfits for the bride and groom

For those dreaming of an autumn wedding, suits with earthy tones can be used, especially if it is a daytime or early evening wedding.

It is important for the groom to assess whether the chosen color matches his skin tone – in general, earth tones are predominantly warm and match people with warmer skin tones.

And around, are there autumn brides?

Big kisses,