Wedding tables

One of the ways to find your own wedding style will be a careful review of all those inspiring photos stored on your phone.
Start by eliminating those that no longer make sense to you and leave only those that will make sense to you as inspiration for your day’s decor. Once you’ve done this assessment and you’ve discovered your style, you should then start defining your decor.
If, on the contrary, you still haven’t managed to define your dream ceremony style, try to divide it into 6 main areas and evaluate each one carefully to help you define your style.
– Sitting Plan
– Seating Plan
– Centerpieces
– Tablecloths
– Set up
– Chairs

The inspirations you have for your ceremony can only be put into practice when you evaluate two key points:

– First you will have to validate whether the location and material chosen are viable for renting in our country.

– And secondly, you should check your budget for the decoration of the ceremony and check if it is feasible to rent this entire decoration service.

When you finally manage to overcome these two points, then start thinking about each of the areas of your ceremony table independently and then decide how you would like each of them to be. When you finish that task, put each one of them together, and finally check how your dream table will look to analyze and visualize it in its entirety.

It is very important that throughout this process you are faithful to the style you chose for the decoration of your ceremony and put small details of your personality in the decoration of the guests’ tables, so that the result of the wedding reception space is stunning.
Ready for this challenge?

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