Why should I hire a Wedding Planner to help me organize my wedding?

With each passing day, this professional becomes more valued and present at weddings.

Its role is to assist and support the bride and groom from start to finish. There are even those who consider these professionals to be the guardian angels or “fairy godmothers” of any bride.
Above all, because these professionals transmit all the security and confidence that a bride needs so that she can fully enjoy her big day. But after all, what are the advantages of hiring a wedding planner for your wedding? There are many advantages of hiring a professional to help you organize your wedding. I leave you here some of the ones that seem most important to me and help you to remove your doubts about hiring this professional


1. It’s good for your wallet
Some couples still choose not to hire a wedding planner because they think they will “save” on their budget. However, this is a big mistake they make. In fact, this professional will be a great help in saving and managing your budget for the big day.
In fact, wedding planners have special contacts and relationships with suppliers, thus achieving much lower budgets than if the bride and groom tried to hire or negotiate services without intermediaries. This way, you’ll be able to save a lot on your budget for the big day, and who knows, maybe even be able to use the remainder to go on that honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of.
At first, hiring this professional may seem like an extra expense, however, if you assess his cost-benefit ratio well, hiring him will pay off in the eyes. In addition to looking for and having access to a wider range of professionals at lower costs, without neglecting their quality, the event planner will also be that person who, analyzing your tastes and personal goals, will fight for your dreams to come true and your day will be truly magical and unforgettable. In addition to these great benefits, hiring this professional will also remove from the back of the host couple all the stress and worries involved in preparing for a wedding and especially on the C-day.
2. Script and protocol
For an event to be successful, of all kinds, planning, programming, execution and follow-up are necessary! A wedding is an event and, as such, requires a protocol.
There are specific rules for the entrance of the bride and groom into the church, parents, godparents, children (better known as the entrance procession) and there are specific places for the bride and groom, parents, godparents – who stays where, does what and at what time during the ceremony .
Even the songs have a logical and correct sequence.
Afterwards, during the reception there is also a protocol and timings to be followed and this work should not be carried out by space professionals (managers) or catering team (waiters, head waiters) but by a wedding planner specializing in matters of protocol and etiquette, assisting the bride and groom in carrying out and executing the protocols: arrival at the party, greetings, speeches, photographs, catering, time to throw the branch, cutting the cake, souvenirs, guestbook…
3. Professionals need support on their special day
Yes it is true! Even if you decide to organize your own wedding, on the big day, the professionals you hire will need support, whether to clarify any doubts, or even during the execution of the ceremony/party timings.
Now if you want to enjoy your day to the full and not be worried about these details, the event planner will be a precious help in managing and coordinating all services on the big day, so that nothing fails. Hiring this professional, on the big day, all the professionals on the big day need to have the wedding planner’s mobile phone number, so that the entire ceremony and wedding reception goes smoothly and without worries for the bride and groom.
4 – Main mistakes made when hiring this professional
The most common mistake made by brides in Portugal is to leave the hiring of a wedding planner to the end of the list of suppliers, when in fact, this one should be the first to be hired for being the so-called conductor of the orchestra! If you decide to get married suddenly and you have a very tight budget, and you feel that you cannot pay for a complete organization package normally for the big day, choose only the advisory and coordination service for the big day. However, hire the professional as soon as possible, so that he can closely monitor the entire process and be aware of all the details, services and suppliers of the big day. Only in this way, is it possible for the chosen professional to guarantee that nothing fails during the entire ceremony and party.
Be sure to hire this professional to accompany and assist you during the big day. Your help will be fundamental so that, as newlyweds, they can enjoy the big day in full and without worries.