Ideal space ceremony

How to know which space is ideal for your wedding
One of the first steps you have to take when organizing a wedding is to choose the space for the ceremony and reception. The offer is a lot, but first of all you should pay attention to a few points to know where to start looking.
Once you have decided whether you want to get married on the beach, in a garden, a castle, a palace, a farm, a family venue… the number of guests may directly influence your choice, why?
Because, spaces have maximum capacity, but they can also have minimum capacity, that is, they can require a minimum number of people. Is the space suitable for the style of your wedding? Does it allow for any flexibility / change in decoration? If your choice is based on outdoor moments, you should know the options for a plan B, should the weather conditions require it. You should also know what is included in the price, such as decoration items, flowers, sound, lighting, wedding cake, flowers, etc. …. Is there parking for the guests, or if it is an option, parking for a shuttle? Before signing a contract with the ceremony space, they should apply for the operating license and know the safety protocols that are required by law. Values practiced by the space and flexibility in the choice of menus? Another essential factor in choosing a space is the value it charges, and its menu and service offerings.
First of all evaluate if the space fits your needs and if the amount involved in the transaction fits within the budget you have set for your wedding.

Once you have gone through these steps, and if a doubt arises as to which of two spaces to choose, what should you do?
Close your eyes and imagine in which of the two spaces you can imagine your day.
Whichever space immediately comes to mind will be your dream space.The space for your ceremony is chosen!!!!! Congratulations. Now it’s finally time to start preparing for the big day,