How to organize a Christening without headaches 
The organization of a christening is a time of great stress for the baby’s mother, who is generally responsible for organizing the ceremony. All the stress inherent in organizing the ceremony so that it runs smoothly, in itself confers a great deal of accumulated stress, which in many cases causes the mother (organizer of the ceremony) not to truly enjoy the moment and the ceremony that will never be repeated. All this accumulated stress can be easily avoided with the help of an event planner to organize the event, and to advise you on the day of the ceremony so that nothing fails.
In this way the mother will have her task made easier and will be able to enjoy family time without stress and worry. If you choose to do the organization yourself, there are however some points that you must take into consideration so that nothing fails in the organization of the event. I leave you with some tips so that everything goes well and nothing fails on the big day. 
– Date and place of the ceremony
(This topic is the one that usually gives daddies the most “headaches”, due to the bureaucratic part and all the required documents, but once these issues are solved, all the rest of the organization is relatively simple)
➢ Photography 
– Photographic book (days before the christening) – Photography at home with the baby/child – Photography at the church, Farm/Restaurant (accompaniment on the day)
➢ Guests 
– Invitation from the groomsmen – Draw up the guest list – Send out the invitations (preferably 4 to 6 months in advance, or a little longer). If you prefer to send more in advance I suggest, a SAVE THE DATE (digital and may contain less information, essentially the day) and later the official invitation. – List with the confirmed attendances – Distribution of the guests among the tables and their designation (the designation, I suggest, should be something related to the chosen theme) 
➢ Souvenirs(Suggested Options)
a) One per family (adults and children)b) One souvenir to the family/couple and one to the children c) One souvenir gentlemen, one souvenir lady and one children
➢ Party
– Party Venue
– Type/Style of decoration of the space (A post dedicated to this aspect will follow soon) ➢ Animation
– Adults (DJ,…) – Children ➢ Christening – Costume for the christening (You can opt for the traditional christening costume and a “change” of clothes for the party, more comfortable for the child) – Candle and the christening towel – Souvenir book or other more thematic element. 
An excellent option to give free rein to your imagination and opt for something original and self-made (where the guests write a dedication to the child and family) 
I hope these precious tips will be useful to you. Our team here will be ready to help you organize your party, 
Good celebration, Claudia Geraldes