Who to invite to the big day

It’s not always easy to choose who to invite to your wedding day. Limitations in terms of budget for the ceremony are, in general, major constraints so that not everyone can be invited to the big day. And the current situation implies an effort to reduce the number of guests at your big day ceremony, as the number of guests has some limitations due to the new covid rules.

Try to look at it not from the negative side, but from the positive side of it. With fewer guests, your budget goes down, which will mean that with the same money you had thought to spend at the beginning of preparing your big day, this will be left over and this way you can choose to upgrade services on your big day, or even who know how to choose, for example, to spend a little more on your dream honeymoon.
But it’s not easy to choose who to invite or not.
Analyze some factors so that you choose who is really important to be at the celebration of your big day.
To invite
– That person whose presence is important to you

– That person whose presence will make the party more fun

– That person who, if you don’t invite, is capable of creating a world drama
not invite
– That person you haven’t spoken to in the last year

– That person you don’t like

– That person who is not a family member, friend or co-worker