Tricks to control nerves

Tricks for controlling nerves at the entrance to the Church
There are truly unique moments in weddings! Among them, the entrance of the bride and groom into the ceremony, which kicks off the celebration and is forever recorded in the memory of the guests. However, even though the groom’s entrance is impactful, it is normal that all the attention turns to the bride’s dress, which can represent an additional pressure for the bride. The way to the altar is exciting and gives chills to all those who have been invited to the ceremony, but it’s mainly the bride and groom who suffer the most from nerves at this moment.I leave you here some tips so you know how to deal with the pressure of entering the church without having a nervous breakdown.A moment just for youOn the big day, most likely you can only have a little time to yourself early in the morning. So before the excitement of putting on your wedding dress or getting your hairdo ready, take a few minutes to be alone! Silence and meditation, along with a relaxing cup of tea, will be your great allies to start the day on the right foot. Go back in time and visualize all the way to this day and how beautiful it will be to celebrate it. This will calm you down, because nothing will be more special and true than the prospect of your union. When you achieve that state of happiness, you’ll be ready and serene to walk down the aisle! Express your nervousness Don’t keep the anxiety you feel to yourself. Lean on the people you have by your side in the preparation, whether family, friends, or bridesmaids. That moment you’ve seen so many times at other weddings is almost here again. The only difference is that this time it is you who will walk down the aisle, and that can send shivers down your spine. One of the biggest fears of the bride and groom – but especially the bride – is falling down the aisle in the ceremony, something that rarely happens. Focus on the good things and the inexplicable happiness that this day will bring to everyone present. It is natural that this brief moment will seem like an eternity to you, especially if you hate being the center of attention, but believe me, it will pass faster than you can imagine! And if you really do stumble… get up and laugh! Lightening up situations with humor will make you feel more confident and at ease! Take a deep breath and… smile! The nerves may be there, but your happiness will speak louder. Nothing can shake or destroy the light and confidence you will have that day, so take a deep breath and smile, because everything will be fine! Before you enter the ceremony, take 5 deep breaths, holding your breath for several seconds. You will see that your heart will regain stability! Then, notice the sparkle in the eyes of all the guests and relax: you look beautiful in your wedding dress. Remember that very soon, you will finally be married to the great love of your life! No matter how prepared and confident you feel, it is normal that this mix of emotions comes to the surface before you walk down the aisle. That’s why little tricks can make everything smooth from start to finish. On the big day, let yourself above all be carried away by the joy and emotion of the moment, and everything will be unique and very natural. Because the important thing is that your day be unique and unforgettable.