Monthly wedding preparation

1 month before the wedding

Final choice of songs for the special moments of the ceremony
Decide which songs will be played during the ceremony by the hired musician, band or DJ
Confirm all details with suppliers
Book a make-up test, customize or change the ideal treatment for your skin type
Make an appointment with the Hairstylist, rectify the treatment or adapt it to the hair’s needs at the moment
Order or rectify the order of special souvenirs
Check the details and confirm the fine choice of flowers in the bouquet
Confirm if there are any dietary restrictions for your guests

6 months before the wedding date

1 – Choose and order the wedding rings

2 – Close the invitation design and send it to print

3 – If you still don’t have a Wedding Planner, look for a partial service.

There’s still time to enjoy a peaceful engagement and minimize the degree of stress with professional help, on the eve and on the big day.

4 – Close the final design of the day, floral decoration and other pending services.

5 – Choose and close the hiring of souvenirs for the guests

6 – Hire / Book the honeymoon

7 – Groom: Choose the suit

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