The missal at religious weddings 

Missal – Religious Weddings

At religious weddings it is customary for the bride and groom to distribute a missal to the guests so that they can follow along and participate in all the moments of the celebration. At the same time that it serves as a guide to the celebration the guests will attend, it is a beautiful reminder of the moments they spent in the church.The missal usually takes the form of a small book, and ideally it should follow the same line of image you chose for the invitations,  cementas, wedding cards, and other graphic elements of your wedding, so that the result is harmonious. Since it is something that will be distributed in the church, it is convenient that it has a certain sobriety.O wedding missal can be more or less complete, i.e. it can have only some general indications, or it can be more detailed, indicating all the steps of the ceremony, the readings and music they have chosen, special prayers or even contributions from some guests. How will you want each of the guests to have a missal.There are several alternatives: ask two people, during the entrance of the guests, to give them in hand to those present, leave them in one or several points of passage so that whoever wants can collect them or distribute by the pews of the church so that each place has a missal and, in this way, everyone receives theirs.Along with the missal you can also choose to distribute rice, flower petals or even a tissue for people more sensitive to weddings. If the religious ceremony takes place far away from the reception, it would be nice to add a map to the missal, as an addendum, so that nobody gets lost on the way to the reception.

How to assemble the missal
Before you decide what your celebration will be like, talk to the priest Take advantage of this meeting to clarify with the priest all your doubts about the steps of the religious ceremony.Decide also in this meeting with the priest if you will choose or not to have mass and communion in your celebration. You can also include in this missal the names of the godparents and witnesses and, if you like, some words of thanks to those present. Since the missal is a guide to the celebration, they can include everything that will be said, either by the priest or by those present, and so the guests will be more at ease when participating in the mass.

Data to be included in the missal:
The entrance of the bride and groom, with the music that will accompany the moment;The readings of the mass;The hymns;The wedding itself;Petitions and prayers
Also include the information of the songs and hymns you have chosen for each moment (entrance of the bride and groom, specific moments of the ceremony, the exit of the bride and groom, for example). They can even include the lyrics of the songs so that everyone can sing along. In case one of your guests has prepared some words to say to you during the celebration, you can include the text in the missal, or, if you prefer to keep it a surprise, just mention that this guest will participate.