Winter wedding flowers

The odds of opting for a winter wedding over the next few years are high.

A lot of weddings have been postponed because of the pandemic and not all of them can be held in the summer as there will certainly not be availability for that.

A winter wedding offers us many different characteristics and a wide variety of flowers, which will allow you to create dream decorations and bouquets.
The lower temperatures will also help to keep the air fresh throughout the day of the ceremony, which will help not only the well-being of the bride and groom and guests, but also the use of flowers with a lot of meaning and that we only find at this height.
– Anemones
They represent persistence and perseverance

– Freesias 

The delicate and elegant white freesias represent calm.
– Jasmine
Fragrant jasmine is associated with luck and joy.
– Violet
The famous violet will be a symbol of love and fertility.
– Roses
From the purity of white roses to the passion of red roses, their presence is a classic at weddings of any era.
– Vivaz or Gypsophila
He always marks points of great elegance and description in floral arrangements.
– Hydrangeas
They give us their exotic and very feminine touch.
And you, have you chosen your favorite flower yet?

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