7 advantages of opting for a mini wedding

Increasingly a trend, mini weddings are gaining ground and conquering a large number of fans.

These ceremonies are more intimate, which not only makes their organization easier, but also makes the costs inherent in organizing the ceremony lower.

Let’s see some of the advantages of opting for a mini wedding when choosing your wedding model.


  1. Live in the moment with those who really matter

Wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. Are you sure you want to spend it with people you don’t really care about? A Mini-Wedding gives you the possibility to feel the emotions of your guests, making them feel more involved in the celebration. There is also less formality, which allows for more intimate and emotional moments.

  1. Save money

A small wedding is much cheaper than a wedding with 200 guests.

  1. Surprise your guests even more

As the budget is smaller, there is more room to surprise your guests.

What matters is to bear in mind that you will have more time and resources to invest in a truly remarkable and unforgettable wedding for all your participants.

  1. Bet on the honeymoon

A small wedding… A big honeymoon!

If that’s what you’ve always wanted, why not? A simpler celebration will pave the way for you to spend very special and memorable moments with your husband!

  1. Destination Wedding

Have you always dreamed of getting married outside of Portugal? Regardless of the destination, if you opt for a Destination Wedding you have to cut back on the number of guests.

Don’t forget that it’s your day and that you should live it as you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. Simpler planning

It is much simpler to organize a small wedding. Not only will fewer people mean less work, but getting the perfect space will be much easier.

  1. Truly engage guests

Whether in the preparation or in the ceremony itself, with fewer guests it is possible to involve them more in the entire ceremony and process of your wedding.

Make the people you care about feel an integral part of this day and happiness will be a shared feeling. In addition to being happy for the couple’s union, the guests will feel that the wedding would not be so special without their presence.

It’s time to start planning your big day. In order to go through the whole process without a lot of accumulated stress and worries, we also advise you to choose to hire a wedding planner to help throughout the process.

This way you can enjoy the day to the full without worries and last minute setbacks.

Good preparations,


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