What bridesmaids should or shouldn’t pay

As a general rule, bridesmaid guests are intimate people who are very trusted by the bride, however it is not always easy to explain to the bridesmaids that their choice for the role of bridesmaid implies not only great emotional support throughout the ceremony planning process, but also some monetary costs.

The best way to tell the bridesmaids what costs they will incur throughout the process is to get them together and analyze their needs together, so that everything runs smoothly on the big day. All together, they will understand your needs and desires so that they feel 100% involved not only in the wedding day but also in all its preparations.

Expenses borne by bridesmaids

  • Bachelorette

Tradition dictates that the bridesmaids pay for the bride’s bachelorette party, sharing the expenses between all of them. On this day, the bride’s obligation is just to have fun and enjoy every moment of her bachelorette party.

  • Bridesmaids dresses

While Bridesmaids may have certain requirements regarding dresses (short or long), these are usually paid for themselves, unless the bride insists.

Expenses borne by the bride, but referring to the Bridesmaids

  • Hair and Makeup

Hair and make-up must be paid for by the bride, especially if she insists that they are all the same to create a certain harmony.

  • Accommodation

If it is necessary to accommodate the Bridesmaids, or even the other guests, this expense will be borne by the bride and groom.


If the Bridesmaids have to take a bouquet the same as the bride’s, but in a smaller size, the bride must pay for it.

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