Table organization

Arrange the guests at the table
The main objective of organizing the wedding reception space in advance is to ensure that guests are happy and comfortable during the reception.

The well-organized table plan implies a reduction in the time to seat guests, in a day when literally everything is flying by, every minute is crucial to take advantage of.
So that nothing fails in the organization of the guests by the tables, several factors must be taken into account.

I advise you to only do this organization when you have almost all the guests confirmed, otherwise you will always have to make corrections which will be a lot more work. When everyone has confirmed their presence at the party, you should then start making your planinning taking into account: 

– Number of tables 

– Number of guests 

– Format of tables

head table
In the first place, you must define very well who will sit at the main table, without hurting any feelings among the guests of any of the parties. If you see that this could happen, it is better to choose not to have companions at the main table and to have them all in the reception room.

Suggested categorization of guests by table: Ages, Uncles / Grandparents, Uncles / Cousins, Young cousins ​​/ Single friends, Young cousins ​​/ Married friends and finally the children’s table When organizing this, always keep in mind that unforeseen events and changes may occur at the last minute, therefore leaving room for maneuver for any unforeseen events that may happen. In the case of guests dropping out, everything becomes easy to resolve and you can even think about inviting that friend you hadn’t invited due to lack of space and who will then be able to come and celebrate that special day with you. The big con is in cases where more guests come than those you were counting on. In this case, you will have to try with the space or the possibility of adding tables, or possibly places at the existing tables.