The Chosen Godparents

Godfathers and Godmothers – The Chosen Ones
Normally this invitation is made to “life accomplices”, they are people who are part of it day in and day out.
They know and live with the realities of the couple. They vibrate with your victories and are always there for you! In the religious ceremony (generally) only 1 godfather and 1 godmother are allowed to participate. In the case of civil ceremonies, these can have as many godfathers and godmothers as the bride and groom want.
When does the chosen friend have a boyfriend?
If it’s not a problem, it will be another one, however if this is a problem you can always use the friendship factor and be honest, so as not to hurt feelings.
In addition to being present on the big day, those chosen must also be available to help and accompany the couple in the preparations for the ceremony.
These can also appoint one of the godparents, as the person responsible for resolving unforeseen events in the organization of the event, in case they do not have a Wedding planner to help organize the event.
Godfather / Ideal Godmother
The one who:
– Inspires – Supports – Follows – Helps – Entertains
365 days a year / 24 hours a day
The one you have no doubt will do everything to make your day wonderful.
And have you already chosen your godparents and godparents for the big day?