What is the date of your ceremony

How to choose the date for the ceremony
Some couples choose the date of the 1st date or 1st kiss for the date of the ceremony. This is a date of great significance for the couple, therefore one of the favorites for the ceremony. However, there are some factors that condition this choice. Among these factors, we have the availability of space and the date for the religious ceremony to take place in the church or conservatory. It is therefore not advisable to mark the date too close to it, so that everything can be organized calmly and according to the taste of the bride and groom. Another time that couples often choose to get married is the holiday season. This is a very present reality in the weddings of couples with guests coming from abroad, thus facilitating the presence of their friends and family at the ceremony.

Getting married during the week even during the holidays, a wedding during the week is a good option for couples who have little budget for the ceremony, as the ceremony will be cheaper. Since the guests are on vacation, this will not be a constraint for the celebration of the ceremony during a weekday.
Superstition Some couples also look for dates with a superstitious character for their wedding celebration. Examples of these cases are dates in which the number is part of a format, such as the date 02/22/2022.
Although this date is a weekday, it becomes an attractive date for the celebration of the ceremony. Other cases of superstition are, for example, dates linked to certain phases of the moon, considered by some couples to be more suitable for the date of the celebration.
Another very common case of superstition has to do with not celebrating the ceremony on the 13th …… as this is a day considered to be linked to bad luck.
What seasons are best for getting married? There is not exactly a season of the year that is more suitable for getting married, however what we see in our country is the preference for holding the ceremony in times of good weather such as spring or summer. The vast majority of couples prefer to get married outdoors and therefore in the summer months and higher temperatures. This search for dates during this period, sometimes combined with the holding of large events in the area, which are also very common during these high season times, means that sometimes the availability of spaces is not very high. In this case, it is advisable to check in advance not only the hotel reservations, but also spaces and church. Everything will go well if the date is chosen in time. Sometimes it’s better to wait a little longer to celebrate the big day, and make it magical and unforgettable, than to anticipate the ceremony and not have that magical moment you’ve dreamed of so much.
We will be here to help you organize and plan all the details, so that you don’t miss anything on the big day.