Pre-nuptial photo session

Do a pre-wedding photo shoot
Many grooms wonder whether or not they should have a photo shoot before their wedding date?

This is not a mandatory session, but it could bring great advantages to the engaged couple.

This session works very well as a way to develop greater empathy between the bride and groom, so that on the date of the ceremony they can already be more relaxed and session runs smoothly and smoothly. After the pre-nuptial session, the bride and groom will already be familiar with the photographer’s working methods. profile, and together with the professional choose a little more detail which jobs they intend to obtain on the date of the event.

From this test, the bride and groom will also be able to obtain some material that they can use as a souvenir for their guests, for the decoration of the day of the ceremony or even simply as a record of the last photo session of their single life. , or do you think this session will not have any benefit for your big day session?