Bridesmaids’ duties

– Accompany the bride in choosing the dress.

– Establish a connection with the Wedding planner and on the wedding day provide support in identifying some family members.

– Prepare and try on your dress in advance, always respecting the colors and models requested by the bride.

– Be the bride’s “voice of conscience”, supporting and respecting the bride.

As a friend, help the bride to overcome indecisions, which go beyond the budget for the ceremony.

– Organize the bride’s bachelorette party, always respecting the bride’s personal tastes.

– Help the bride to prepare the bride kit (with her personal belongings).

Take responsibility for the bride’s kit on the big day. on the wedding day
– During the bride’s preparation moments, when it is normal for her to be anxious, help the bride to remain calm, reassuring her and helping her to have fun on her big day.

– Help the bride with trips to the bathroom.

– Hold and care for the bride’s bouquet.

– Always have the bride’s kit on hand.

– Gather all the bride and groom’s family members so that the photographer can photograph them.

– Encourage friends and family to participate and accept the type of party possible in the times we find ourselves in.

– Have fun during the ceremony and party and make the most of the day.