Launch of the bridal bouquet for the singles at the party

The launching of the bouquet by the bride is a moment of great symbolism and one of the highlights of the ceremony.
Tradition says that whoever catches the bridal bouquet from among the singles present at the ceremony will be the next to marry.
For brides this is also a very special moment, but the truth is that there are many ways to throw the bouquet.

The most traditional method is to shoot with the back turned, however there are countless other methods such as the treasure hunt game, the master key game, the who knows best game, and many other games that could be invented to make the moment even more special.

What really matters is that this is another moment of great animation and great joy for all participants in the party.

And you, have you decided how you are going to throw your bridal bouquet?

I leave you some suggestions to make the moment even more unforgettable.
1. The most traditional way: toss the bouquet
The bride puts her back to the single women and pretends to throw the bouquet a few times, always without looking back and only then does she throw it definitively.
2. Blindfolded
The groom blindfolds the bride and the single women form a circle around her. The groom or the mother of the bride, turns the bride two or three times and with her arm outstretched, goes in the direction she wants and delivers the branch.
3. The ribbon game
The bride ties several fabric ribbons to the bouquet, of different colors and sizes, and gives a tip to each single one. Blindfolded and scissors in hand, the bride cuts each ribbon until only one remains! That will be the lucky one who takes the bouquet.
You can also choose to place all the ribbons in the same color, turn them two or three times and cut without blindfolds.
4. Lock the bouquet
In a transparent box or specially decorated for this purpose, the bride locks the bouquet, padlocks inside the box.
Inside a fabric bag, she will put several keys and ask each of the single women to take a key and try it in the lock of the padlock. One of them will be the right key and whoever manages to open the box, gets the bouquet!
5. Bingo game!
Make some bingo cards with words related to marriage. Distribute among the single women and choose someone to raffle the words in a bag. The groom or the DJ sings the words and whoever closes the card makes bingo!

And how are you going to launch your bouquet?

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